OUT IN THE COLD: On the street with the young men who sleep rough every night

The level of homelessness in Mansfield may be putting rough sleepers in danger as a war over territory results in violence. In a new investigation by the Chad we reveal that homelessness is not only much higher than stated by local authorities, but Mansfield attracts rough sleepers from other areas. Andy Warne, pictured, is one of a number of homeless people coming from other areas in search of help. Inconsistency in homelessness prevention services around the country may be driving rough sleepers to migrate in search of sympathetic councils, and…

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Exclusive FOI Investigation 

INVESTIGATION: Councils spend £10m to silence child sex claims

English councils have shelled out millions to settle historic child sex claims from victims who were abused when they were in the care of the state. Authorities have cumulatively racked up a legal bill of over £10 million to settle claims from victims of child sexual exploitation who were abused while living in children’s homes. The figures are revealed in a series of Freedom of Information requests to all English councils, which revealed the councils who have paid most – and others who are subject to huge police investigations and…

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Environment Exclusive Investigation 

DIRTY 30: The top super-polluters who fill our air with deadly toxins

A quarter of the UK’s poisonous nitrogen oxides emissions are pumped out of only thirty industrial sources, new research has found – many of which are consolidated around low-income areas in the north and southwest of England. As the government faces extreme pressure to rewrite clean air policies and reduce levels of harmful gas emissions on our roads, new analysis has revealed that a staggering proportion of the UK’s pollution comes from a comparatively tiny number of industrial sites. A quantitate study of DEFRA’s census of industrial sites has shown…

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Amazing tricks cops used to have up their sleeves

Former police officers have revealed their tricks and trade-craft from the days of ‘old fashioned coppering’. We were amazed when we stumbled across a forum thread of ex-bobbies discussing the “good’ol days”, when a make-believe canine unit was almost as good as a real one, and you knew exactly how to get a crim to stop running. All these entries are taken from an online forum contributed to by former officers (who have remained anonymous for obvious reasons). And you’d be amazed as some officers claimed their tricks are still used today.…

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FOI Investigation Politics 

Notts hospital’s PFI debt just grew to £2bn

Bosses at King’s Mill Hospital has been slammed for ‘failing to renegotiate’ its crippling PFI contract as our investigation finds the bill is continuing to rise. The area’s main medical centre has come under fire for the impact of the debt paid to its builders over a 38-year period, and a doctor at the hospital says the stifling financial arrangement continues to put lives at risk. Hospital bosses signed a deal with Swedish construction firm Skanska in 2005, taking on huge debt as part of the private finance initiative, to…

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Real Life 

Boy’s autism turned out to be fatal disease

“Devastated” parent’s have told the heartbreaking story of their son, whom they believed was on the autism spectrum, turned out to have a deadly condition. Jodi and Mark Lee, of Rainworth, had always thought son Carter suffered from either autism or dyspraxia, due to his poor motor skills and slow development. The four year old was presumed to have learning difficulties, but has now been diagnosed with a fatal condition. But young Carter has now been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a rare, incurable condition which degrades muscle function.…

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Notts family’s lucky escape as Westminster terror attack unfolded before their eyes

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: An Ashfield mum and her children who were on Westminster Bridge at the time of yesterday’s attack said they were ‘lucky’ to be at a safe distance as the killings took place. Hayley Carrington, a mum who works at a Sutton supermarket was in London with her family when the ‘horrific’ incident occurred, and she and her partner Mark and two daughters were on the other side of the bridge as they witnessed a car mount the curb and run over pedestrians. Hayley said: “We had travelled down…

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Toddler died after ‘human error’ by 999 control centre

A Mansfield toddler died accidentally from near drowning after having a seizure in the bath, an inquest has found. Lacie-Mae Wilson died on April 1 after her mother pulled her out of a bath while she had a seizure, but a question mark hangs over whether an ambulance call handler could have prevented her death after failing to give proper CPR advice. Assistant Coroner for Nottinghamshire, Jane Gillespie, turned a verdict of accidental death after hearing her mother acted swiftly to try and save the two-year-old after she inhaled an…

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Plea to re-open case of mum who ‘stabbed herself multiple times’

A new case analysis of the ‘suicide’ of a Sutton woman who suffered multiple stab wounds has shed new light on her death. The Sutton family who have been fighting for justice for their daughter, Claire Martin, say they are given hope as criminologist and politicians join their battle to be heard. On March 1, 2012, Claire, 31, suffered multiple stab wounds in her neck while living with her son and fiance in southern Italy. Italian pathologists initially called the death a murder, but in a ruling which baffled the…

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