Donald Trump could be slapped with a travel ban of his own – from this Notts council

A Nottinghamshire district is to consider imposing a travel-spending ban on Donald Trump, should he decide to swing by the county. The proposed vote would mean banning the use of any council funds to welcome the US President and provide hospitality if he were to visit the District as part of a UK tour. Ashfield could impose a travel-ban on US President Donald Trump. Put forward by Ashfield Independent Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, it would effectively take Ashfield off the list of potential areas. It is prompted by ‘concern’ that the…

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Burglars try to ransom Batman toys stolen from sci-fi shop

A Mansfield shop-owner opened his own ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style investigation after burglars stole movie merchandise and tried to ransom it for cash. Sci-fi fan Jon Pertwee, owner of Who’s Toys in Ratcliffe Gate, Mansfield was livid after burglars broke into his shop and stole movie memorabilia, model Star Trek ships and Doctor Who action figures. He’s now ramped up security at his shop in Ratcliffe Gate. Jon, 50, who had his name changed in honour of his favourite Doctor Who actor, said police made two arrests after the burglary but…

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Health Investigation 

Midwives’ role in baby death to be probed by hospital

A Notts mum has told of her anguish after losing her baby girl in childbirth, and her calls for a probe have led hospital bosses to investigate what went wrong. Mum Aga West said she has felt ‘empty’ ever since her baby, Nicole, died in the operating theatre after a 20-hour ordeal. The pair were able to spend a few days with their baby after it died in the operating theatre, and now have only one photo to remember her by. The 31-year-old was rushed to King’s Mill hospital on…

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FOI: Council splashed out on private event for Paralympians

Mansfield District Council has been criticised after splashing out more than half its entertainment budget on an award ceremony for local Paralympians. Champion swimmers Ollie Hynds and Charlotte Henshaw, who both picked up medals at Rio 2016, were awarded the Freedom of Mansfield award at a special event at the Civic Quarter, where supporters and councillors were treated to food and sparkling wine to honour the swimmers, and their coach Glenn Smith. The event marked the achievements of local paralympians Ollie Hynd and Charlotte Henshaw, and their coach Glenn Smith.…

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HANDS DOWN: School imposes a ban on pupils raising their hands

Principal Barry Found at Samworth Church Academy, Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield. A Mansfield head teacher has abolished the ‘age old’ practice of students raising their hands to answer questions in the classroom. Principal at Samworth Church Academy, Barry Found, alerted parents in his Autumn letter that the days of eager hands stretching for the ceiling to answer were over. He said: “We have taken the decision at the academy to dispense with the age old “hands up to answer a question” practice. Read more: INDEPENDENT: School bans pupils from raising…

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Zero-hour rise fuels Midlands jobs growth

Controversial zero-hours labour accounts for the vast majority of jobs growth in the region, we can reveal. The latest employment figures from the ONS have revealed that 23,000 more people in the East Midlands are in work compared to the same period last year (July to September). The DWP has lauded the rise, also claiming employment of women reached a record high. But the vast majority of growth can be attributed to a comparable rise in zero hours contracts. Since the third quarter of 2015, the number of the precarious…

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Exclusive Off-the-Wall 

Grandad claims he flew the Millennium Falcon and that he’s ‘the real Han Solo’

Meet the grandfather who actually piloted the Millennium Falcon – but says he’s never watched Star Wars in his life We all have things we’re proud of or that we like to brag about to friends down the pub. But when you meet someone who says ‘I flew the Millennium Falcon’, the rest of us might as well go home. But that is exactly what Warsop pensioner Colin Coombes did, after he was drafted in by George Lucas to make the most of his skills as an engineer. The real-life…

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FOI Local 

Sexual assault more common in schools than bike theft

Sexual offences outnumber bike thefts as crime in Mansfield schools is revealed Playgrounds and classrooms are supposed to be a “sanctuary” for our children and young people, with their safety guaranteed no matter what’s going on outside. But a new investigation by the Chad reveals how sexual exploitation and other offences have become more common in our schools – second only to incidents of violence. Cases range from teenagers experiencing pressure and unwanted sexual advances in a relationship context, to teachers reporting young children for harmful sexual behaviour – and…

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Real Life 

The girl with a clock on her heart

A brave young mum has told of her devastation to know that she will likely outlive her adorable “baby daughter”, who battles for life each day. This is the adorable face of a poorly youngster with a cruel fate. The Huthwaite family are waiting for doctors to reveal the one-year-old’s prognosis after major heart surgery earlier this year. Pictured with dad Arran Waudby, brother Riley and mum Kerry Clinton. Tiffany-Rose Waudby was born with so many complications she will never be suitable for a heart transplant. The one-year-old girl was…

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Footballer Dalian’s secret lovechild tells of heartache after his death

The ‘lovechild’ of ex-footy star Dalian Atkinson has told of her heartbreak after she tried to make contact with her dad only to be denied. The ‘ace striker’ Atkinson, 48, of Telford in Shropshire, died in the early hours of Monday, August 15 after being stunned by a police Taser. MIRROR: Dalian Aktinson’s secret lovechild reveals heartache MAIL: Dalian Atkinson’s lovechild tells heartbreak after ex-footballer tasered to death by police  Once at the centre of a national media storm, his ‘daughter’ from Mansfield, Demi Wright, now 21, has lived in…

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